Streamline and simplify your warehouse operations

Do you spend all day chasing missed deliveries, fixing incorrect shipments and dealing with mountains of paperwork, all while your warehouse runs at a fraction of its true productivity? Or are you stuck with an old warehouse management system that simply doesn't keep up?

.wms is a revolution in Warehouse Management Systems. Simply pay a small monthly fee for a fully integrated cloud-based system which automatically takes data from your back office systems, guides your warehouse packers through the pick and pack process with barcode verification using the latest in handheld scanner technology, generates customer and carrier-compliant labels and electronically manifests freight. We take care of all of the complexities of running .wms so you can be free to look after your business.

What it does

At its heart, .wms is all about getting stock into your warehouse, storing it in your warehouse, and shipping it out the other side - as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through a wide variety of pre-built integrations, .wms eliminates tedious and error-prone manual data entry, letting your team focus on getting the job done.

Connect with your existing systems

We know that you have an investment in your existing systems, especially your ERP/accounting system. We believe in making our products fit your needs, which is why .wms speaks to many major systems including SAP Business One, Attache BI, Xero and Saasu, with more coming online all the time. Don't see your system here, or run a custom system? Get in touch with us to chat about how we can support your needs.

Connect with your partners

.wms is built from the ground up to speak to your partners including freight carriers, customers and the other businesses that you work with every day.

Simple to implement

.wms is a fully cloud-hosted solution, backed by our geographically-distributed and fully redundant servers - all you need to bring are supported handheld barcode scanners and supported label printers, and leave the rest up to us. Already have a hardware investment? Talk to us, we can often implement solutions on existing hardware to minimise your costs.


Every warehouse is different, so why should you be forced to use a system that doesn't cater for your needs? .wms supports an enormous number of configurable options to let you have the perfect system, and our Australian-based developers are always ready to build the perfect customisation, just for you.


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